Category: MIRRORS

  • French Regency

    French Regency

    French Regency mirror, restored and enhanced with the addition of gold painted scallop shells at the top and small pectin shells at the bottom. Also added, small gold painted umboniums to create the “beaded edge” of the inner edge of the frame. Price: $2,250      

  • Sea Shimmer

    Sea Shimmer

    Sea Shimmer All natural seashells with pale green beads made from crushed sea shells, hand made in the Philippines  as a bi-product of the international sea shell industry.  Top element made of natural, split pearlized nautilus and black round cut, oyster shells with pearl turbos. Pearlized umboniums trace the outer and inner edge with grey-green…

  • Baroque Reflections

    Baroque Reflections

    Reproduction of an 18th century frame by La Barge, encrusted with shells including Abalone, Umboniums, Sundials detailed with gold and vintage pressed glass flowers.  4′ 2″ H x 2′ 4″ W Price:  $3,500

  • Mermaid’s Looking-Glass

    Mermaid’s Looking-Glass

      Mermaid’s Looking-glass  Mirror.  Size: 3′ 8″H x 25 1/8″ W.  All natural sea shells with sea fan and coral at the top.    SOLD.

  • Ocean’s Echo Mirror

    Ocean’s Echo Mirror

    Pierced out mirror frame encrusted with scallop shells, vertigos, hemifusus, umbonium and turquoise limpets,  32.5″ diameter.   SOLD

  • Neptune’s Gold

    Neptune’s Gold

    Neptune’s Gold   Pair of seashell encrusted of mirrors,  20″ W x 33″H Available individually or as a pair. Individual price:  $2,000 Pair price:  $3,800     See Neptune’s Gold in Scalamandre’s window

  • Reflections from the Sea

    Reflections from the Sea

    Small creamy egg cowrie shells and pearlized umboniums trace the edge of this mirror with large floral elements made of poca coral, scallop shells, sea fan and pearlized turbos, centered in each flower.  Four split pearlized nautilus adorn the corners. 22 1/2″ W X 38″ H mirror. SOLD

  • Mare Vecchio

    Mare Vecchio

    Mare Vecchio (Old Sea) – Antique Italian (circa 1850) gold leaf mirror, restored and redesigned to give it a new life by retaining the old patina and quality of the original hand carved wood frame!   SOLD                    

  • Neptune’s Bounty

    Neptune’s Bounty

    Black and white high polished, pearlized natural shells adorn this mirror, using black lipped oyster shells on the corners with split nautilus at center top and bottom. Black and white pearlized abalone shells fill in the sides with pearl umboniums tracing the curves of the outer frame and inner edge. Center top is black sea…

  • Beach Comber’s Shield

    Beach Comber’s Shield

    All natural seashells, horse shoe crab shell and black sea whip, found on the beaches of the South Bay, CA. 27 W X 40 H inches.    SOLD Close up, top of shield mirror with natural spider crab shell, natural colored seashells and black sea whip to top it off. Note “beaded edge” of the…