Category: LIGHTING

  • Moonlight


    Moonlight French chandelier. White painted frame with crystal core, almond crystal drops, faceted crystal ball drop and glass cut bead swags. White spindles and white vertagus shells complete the design. Size: 12”W x 21”H SOLD

  • Redondo Beach Lamp

    Redondo Beach Lamp

    Sea shell encrusted table lamp with gray mussle and pectin shells all found on Redondo Beach, CA. 3’H x 8″ W at base. Price on request.

  • Water Sprite

    Water Sprite

    Water Sprite – Italian vintage crystal chandelier, circa 1960.  18″W x 27″H One of a kind, hand painted frame with exotic turquoise limpets, pearlized umboniums, crystals and 6 lights.   SOLD

  • Sea Sirens

    Sea Sirens

    Pair of vintage American iron wall sconces encrusted with seashells and crystals. Gold painted turbo shells and sundial natural shells with gold dotted detail, 23″ H x 10″W x 13″ D.   SOLD

  • Symphony of Shells

    Symphony of Shells

    Symphony of Shells Chandelier  Italian country, hand painted with monochromatic aqua colors from dark at the bottom to light at the top.  White scallop and hemifusus shells, crystal ball swags and French pendalogues  27″W x 37″H. Chandelier as seen in a feature article, Southbay Magazine.  Feb./Mar. Issue 2012. Price: $1700

  • Shabby Chic Empire Chandelier

    Shabby Chic Empire Chandelier

    Empire chandelier embellished with all new crystal bead swags and antique French pendalogues, U drops and Crystal ball drop at base. Circa 1960, 25”W x 32”H.   SOLD

  • Sea Mist

    Sea Mist

    Italian vintage chandelier embellished with hand painted custom colors, scallop shells, vertagos, crystal bead swags, almond drops and large almond drop at base. Circa 1920, 21”W x 30”H.   SOLD

  • Twilight By The Sea

    Twilight By The Sea

    American chandelier embellished with custom hand painting, swags of abalone pieces, cut vertagos, crystal bead swags and almond drops. 20”H x 23”W    SOLD

  • Evening Ocean Blues

    Evening Ocean Blues

    Vintage Italian iron wall sconce renovated and embellished with hand painted veining, turquoise Limpets, pearlized Umboniums and French crystal pendalogues. Circa 1920, 18”W x 4’Hs.   SOLD

  • Evening Pearl Lights

    Evening Pearl Lights

     Vintage Italian iron wall sconce embellished with hand painted accents, scallop shells, pearlized umboniums and French crystal pendalogues.   SOLD